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  • Ma Minhu: The Solution of the Co-opetition of the Gradated Protection and the Critical Information Infrastructure Protection System
  • Published:2018/05/02 13:34:13 News source:

Abstract: The operation of modern state is highly relied on information network, there is no state security without cybersecurity, It’s a worldwide practice to protect cyber security through critical information infrastructure system. The gradated protection system for cybersecurity is a system with Chinese characteristic, which is established on the basis of learning from foreign CIIP, they are similar system in terms of protection concept, object, norm and solution. These two systems are both stipulated in the 2016 Cybersecurity Law, the co-opetition exists as a result. Integrating the two systems in a single legislation would require a reasonable boundary between them, and a reasonable definition of responsibilities for different supervisory and administrative departments so as to avoid loopholes or overlaps. Besides enhancing supervision and administration, the provision of information security services to network operators should be emphasized. The regulations of gradated protection system and critical information infrastructure to support the Cybersecurity Law should effectively play a supplementary role and emphasize on the procedures for its application.

Key words: Cybersecurity Law; the gradated protection system; critical information infrastructure; co-opetition

Journal: Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University (Social Sciences), 2018.04.